blockchain  constructor

Bloqly is a new scalable distributed application platform with optional transaction fees for Sidechains

We provide development and testing tools for Blockchain 3.0 and create ready-to-use application templates for corporate and private networks

Developers will be able to publish their distributed applications in our DApps Marketplace

Programmable Blockchain

Bloqly not only supports smart contracts, but makes one step further and makes it possible to override all the blockchain consensus rules programmatically

The supported family of languages includes JavaScript, PureScript, Elm, TypeScript, ClojureScript

Bloqly natively supports and enforces programming without side effects, so that no state can be changed inside a function

It makes testing and development less error prone, which is crucial for smart contracts and blockchain applications

    const maxSupply = new BigInteger('1000000');
    const validatorAmount = new BigInteger('1');
    const validatorPower = validatorAmount;

    const zero = new BigInteger('0');

     * Move balance contract
     * Simplified implementation of a cryptocurrency  defining
     * functional  smart contract
     * @param {Object}      ctx        Execution context
     * @param {BigInteger}  amount     Amount to move
     * @return {Object}  Array of properties to set after function execution

    function contract(ctx, amount) {

        var callerBalance = getProperty('caller', 'balance', zero);
        var calleeBalance = getProperty('callee', 'balance', zero);

        var newCallerBalance = callerBalance.subtract(amount);
        var newCalleeBalance = calleeBalance.add(amount);

        return [
            { target: 'caller', balance: newCallerBalance },
            { target: 'callee', balance: newCalleeBalance },

    function init(ctx) {

        return [
            { target: 'caller', balance: maxSupply.subtract(new BigInteger('3')) },

            // target = validator's id
            { target: '{{address1}}', balance: validatorAmount },
            { target: '{{address2}}', balance: validatorAmount },
            { target: '{{address3}}', balance: validatorAmount },

            { target: '{{address1}}', power: validatorPower },
            { target: '{{address2}}', power: validatorPower },
            { target: '{{address3}}', power: validatorPower },

            // quorum requirement for active validators group
            { target: 'self', 'quorum': 2 },

            // active validators group size
            { target: 'self', 'validators': 3 }